HCI Education has been around for many years, and the discipline itself has gathered much interest within university education and among students. In the last few years, and since the appearance of the first GUIs, remarkable changes have occurred, overwhelming the world with novel technologies and phenomena. This poses HCI educators with an enormous challenge, as HCI needs to understand, embrace and design for a whole new world that develops.

Textbooks have been published with insights on these emerging areas, but it is not clear how these should affect HCI Education. Among others, portability, ubiquitous computing, interconnectedness, cloud-based services are gaining ground, but what do we known about the human factors in these areas? What needs to change in HCI Education to better address this plethora of emerging application areas? What methods can we teach that are relevant now and in the upcoming years?

This workshop addresses the future of HCI Education and welcomes educators and researchers to a vivid discussion on what shapes and will shape HCI Education.


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