Paula Alexandra Silva:

is a Human-Computer Interaction researcher and practitioner and is currently a Postdoc Fellow at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. She is also a passionate teacher and lectures on HCI-related courses as an Invited Professor at  Portucalense University. She has held appointments at a number of Universities and has more than 10 years of experience teaching a diversity of courses and supervising students.  In her previous job, she was a senior Scientist at Fraunhofer Portugal, where she managed the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) area. She holds a PhD in Computer Science awarded by Lancaster University, where she wrote a dissertation on ‘Designing User Interfaces with the BadIdeas Method: Towards Creativity and Innovation’ under the supervision of Professor Alan Dix. She is interested in user experience for everyday life and common good, conducting research that focuses on designing for special target audiences, e.g. older adults, and creating effective learning environments. She is currently compelled by: touch and gestures, gamification and social networks.

Lars Oestreicher: 

is a lecturer at the Department of Information Technology at the Vi2 division at Uppsala University. His main subject of teaching is Human-Computer Interaction. The current teaching assignments are in User Interface Programming, Universal Design and Evaluation, and Advanced Interaction Design. He is also director of studies at the HCI-group.

Teaching HCI is also one of his long-term research interests, and he has organized and participated in many workshops in this theme. In the beginning of 2011 he was elected chair of the IFIP Working Group 13.1 for Education in Human-Computer Interaction.


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