Objectives and Organization

The workshop will primarily result in a deeper understanding of the challenges that HCI Education faces present-day. The contributions from the participants will be collected into a final report. This report will form the basis of a paper that will be submitted to a journal for reviewing and publishing.

Another objective is to assess the interest in initiating a series of workshops on the role of HCI as an applied area. Teaching the central topics of HCI is likely to require different approaches to those used when teaching HCI as an applied subject. Applied HCI would rather strive towards addressing an ever-changing reality of emerging technologies and phenomena.

This will be a full day workshop, divided into two sessions. Initially the participants will present themselves and their major positions within the workshop topic. After that they will work in groups to discuss and elaborate on current and future challenges and developments – and the position of HCI Education in this perspective. Building upon the first session, the second session will initiate the work on how the HCI Education needs to be developed in order to address the identified challenges.


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